Pay Lake Fishing

Stocked Regularly during the Spring, Summer and Fall Seasons

Most answers can be found on this site, but if you still have any questions call 606.379.6400

Five Buck Catch and Release All Ages

$15.00 Keep four! All ages.... Unless our fish learn to tell the age of the person on the other end of the pole it will remain ALL Ages

No, Fishing License are NOT Required

Yes, we sell bait! Night crawlers and most of the time chicken livers!


Open everyday same as restaurant hours. Please check COVID hours.

Fishing Pass

$5.00 Catch and Release (NO barbed hooks!)

$15.00 Keeper

You get your first 4 fish. (Fish weighing over 15 will be sold by the pound or thrown back.)

No refunds will be given...... know the weather before entering No rain or heat refunds

No, you can't change your fishing pass from Catch and Release to Keeper just because you caught 4 fish. They will be sold by the pound.

NO net fishing.

Three pole limit. (This place is NOT for commercial fishing it is for fun.... give a fish a fair chance)

Fishing is a game of chance.... enjoy the fun of it!

You may use cut fish for bait however be considerate and throw the waste over fence.

Do NOT take chairs from the patio area, better yet bring your own!